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Birthdate:Oct 12
I hate the bio parts. So I'm gonna be an idiot: I'm me, I am not tall but not short, I have hair, two eyes, a nose, a mouth and two ears. I can walk, run, hop, skip, and jump. I laugh when I probably shouldn't, sing even though I can't. I chase butterflies, rainbows and dreams. I love a lot, and try not to cry when people are looking. I love reading, movies, animals, nature in general. I have things I fear, hate and love. I'm a woman, a daughter, a sister, an aunt, and a cousin to many. I am reminded every day to have patients and show the way to being a better person. I have 32 kids and none of them are my own, but I'll still get really sad when they leave me. I have friends who are beyond amazing, a family that is ever growing, and cat who is one big nut bar. So that's me. Hi.

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1967 impala, ac/dc, anime, aretha franklin, asia, astrology, bare naked ladies, be-sequin boy bands, beastie boys, ben folds, beowulf the snow man, bleach, bloodhound gang, boys operating giant robots, brani carlile, brothers, bubble bees of doom, buddy guy, business card cutters, chuck palahniuk, counting crows, damien rice, death by labrador, dr. who, evil monkeys, faeries, fish faces, glittery pants of doom, gomez, guster, happy tarts, ingrid michaelson, jack johnson, johnny cash, kat-tun, lost, lyle lovett, manga, marcy's playground, mishka, mists of avalon, monocles, moon cheese, morphine, mystery spot, neil gaimen, ninjas with eye patches, ok go, panda bears, pearl jam, peter pan, pink, pirates with wooden appendages, questionable tacos, renji, rock warriors, rodrigo y gabriela, schpadoinkle days, series of unfortunate events, shadow, shadrack and putt-putt, shakespeare villains, shikamaru, sparkle bottom, sphinx, supernatural, sword lickers, system of a down, taka's yellow racket, talking heads, tao of pooh, tardis, tarot cards, teddy bear doctors, tenacious d, the beatles, the dirty heads, the hiccapotumous, the killers, the kinks, the rolling stones, the seven deadly sins, the vortex, tickled by an angel, tom petty and the heart breakers, tom waits, torchwood, tres burritos, tummy sticks, twat swatter, unico, velvet underground, violent femmes, weezer, wilco, x-men
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