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Nothing like getting an hour delay for the crap amount of snow that we got here today. Guess the last storm made them think a little. Not that it helped me then. I mean who doesn't enjoy sliding around on ice? I sure had fun trying to avoid the parked cars on the street! >.> Oh well. Tomorrow I get to have rice balls in class. Mmmm Mmmm I cannot wait for tomorrow to come.

And also, new favorite food addiction: Mochi Ice Cream. Help me, I think there is crack in it. So yummy, so wonderfully tasty ^,^

Fire One!

Jul. 20th, 2009 11:34 pm
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Why doesn't my father understand..I thought it was pretty plain to see! I love my job, and where I am. I don't care if I am not taking chance, or playing it safe. This job means a lot to me. I love where I am, who I work with, and I like the parents. But none of that matters, and I can't explain it anymore. I am tired of trying to explain it.
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The clouds that are filled with thunderheads are some of the most amazing there are in my opinion anyway. Dangerous too. But even if the sky looks like doom, there is something that makes me stop and go "Ooo, pretty." Maybe that's just me thought
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There has been nothing but rain here. Everyday seems like rain. I wonder why. Usually I love the rain, but as of late, I wish that it wasn't raining. Its too depressing day after day

In one day

Jun. 3rd, 2009 03:45 pm
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In one day I saw:

A man on a bicycle, facing me, but somehow peddling backwards

Kids trying to peep while I was in a changing room

Mall cop on the Segway, but had a little bell

Asian Longhorned Beetle

Today I saw:

A sword...a real sword that some one left on the Preschool side of the Rec Center 0.0

Baby gerbils guzzling water because the owners are dumb

Cupcakes of red and blue

Hmm...the day is not even over! Gah, am scared.

And Dad, I know nothing of cars, why do you not understand this? If you want me to look, Fine. But can you at least help me look for them on craigslist so I do not send out unnecessary emails to people. Thanks
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The Nara Deer have found me, the Nara Deer have found me! *runs in circles* Hide me sweet sweet guts from them! *runs away screaming*
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I don't know what to think of this...He clearly only called out to me, and seemed rather happy to see me. However, he was with his ex....Oh universe you are too much
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...She looks so peaceful right now... I need to clean her wounds for the day, but I love how she looks. Ya know, gazing out the window, tail flickering back and forth, wanting any chance possible to get outside and have a birdy snack.

She's staring at me...I think she knows I am talking crap!
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What's the random way to start your day? By seeing three boys who look a lot like the Jonas Brothers. >.>

What's the wrong way to start your day? Almost hitting a deer.

Somehow it all worked out in the end...


May. 4th, 2009 06:09 pm
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So...I'm not quite sure what to write, or post here. Maybe the random drabbles that float through my brain, maybe the random things in my life. Like hello little fruit fly, why are you here? Or the caterpillar invasion I had. 0.o Stuff like that.

I also seem to be in need of a good icon! Must hunt down and make new ones. Ah poopsticks


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